• We value radical hospitality and dignity for all, which means all identities are honored. In doing this, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and share leadership and power. We also strive to do the hard, sometimes uncomfortable work to ensure our spaces are as safe as possible.

  • We care about broadening our human experience in a way that is anti-empire and emphasizes the care for all creation. We seek to reclaim the Christian story so that it’s one that isn’t used to oppress but rather creates more compassion and justice in the world. 

  • We aim for collective action and community engagement. This is not a group that seeks to convert or evangelize; we want to build power and act in love. 

  • We aim to practice ritual that is exploratory and experimental, coming in the form of prayer, song, art, expression, and personal story tied to human experience and more. As we move through the rhythms of life, we provide an soul-enriching experience and opportunities for connections that are both fun and meaningful.

  • Questions are important to us. We don’t shy away from the hard stuff, and we engage in dialogue that is edifying, thoughtful and based in our own experiences.