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Image by Jack Anstey


  • Radical Hospitality: your whole self is welcome here and you are loved for exactly who you are. Join us in creating a place where all people belong, regardless of age, race, passions, cultural background, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, relationship status, physical or mental health, or anything else that too often divides us.  We are united in God’s love.

  • The Moment of Meeting: each time we gather, we create sacred space within ourselves and among each other.  We invite the Divine to be present in and through the thoughts, words, and experiences that we share together.  While many of our leaders are grounded in the teachings of Jesus and the Christian movement, we draw wisdom and inspiration from both sacred and secular sources.  We seek to reclaim the Christian story so that it’s one that isn’t used to oppress but rather creates more compassion and justice in the world. 

    • We aim to practice ritual that is creative and experimental, coming in the form of prayer, song, art, expression, and personal story. As we focus especially on the rhythms of the natural world, we invite you to experience soul nourishment and opportunities for connections that are both playful and meaningful.

    • Shared leadership is essential.  Confluence is created by the community, for the community.  If you have gifts to share, we would love to connect with you!  No need to be a professional musician, poet, artist, speaker, or other leader... the point is that we are all creating this moment together.

  • The Movement Forward: we are spiritually refreshed and grounded for the sake of being present and engaged in the world around us, and those things look different for all of us.  At Confluence, we strive to be attentive to how the Spirit is moving within us and our communities, seeking to join in with the work that is already happening.  If you are engaged in community action, there is a special time during each gathering to share that passion and invite Confluence friends to participate.

    • Questions are important to us. We don’t shy away from the hard stuff, and we engage in dialogue that is thoughtful, rooted in our own experiences, and reflective of the wisdom of experts and teachers that help us deepen our understanding of the world around us.

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