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About Us

The moment of meeting & the movement forward

Confluence is made by and for those who call this community home.  We value shared leadership and the wisdom that each person brings to the group.  Our Gatherings and other events are informed by the seasons and the natural, social, and cultural landscape of Missoula, MT.  Together we seek to make meaning of life and experiences through art, music, poetry, contemplation, conversation, and sacred stories from the Christian tradition. We welcome the moving Spirit that stirs within us and among us and we hope you leave our time together with your heart open to the world around you and inspired to engage authentically.


Our Story

Confluence was born from the desire for connection centered around big questions of faith and life, where belief in any particular religious tradition was not assumed, and where people could learn and practice ways to live out values of hospitality, curiosity, compassion, and justice in the world. Our namesake is an honoring of the many waters that join together in our valley, and an honoring of how our gathered community meets to be transformed and move outward.

Since 2017, Confluence has experimented with different ways of being community together. We continue  to learn and grow in response to the needs and desires of our community who gather regularly, and of the Missoula community as a whole.  Confluence's current era began in the fall of 2021 when a group of leaders met around poetry, prayer, and desire for spiritual nourishment.  At that first meeting we committed to gathering as Confluence for one year.  And now we are celebrating  2 full years of being community together!  We continue to move into a future that is still unfolding. We look forward to learning and growing with those who name Confluence as a community where they feel at home.

Meet the Confluence Leadership Team

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